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Family Photostrees

All Photos are available in a higher resolution size by email.
Just tell me which ones you would like to receive.

Jim and EmilyHi. This is me and Emily (my sister's youngest(in 2001))
The picture was taken with a 50 year old camera (Argus C-3) that I'm fixing so it's a little out of focus.

Dad and LaurenMy dad and Lauren (my sister's oldest) last Christmas (2000?).

The funny thing about this one is how much my brother looks like my dad - and the fact that my brother lives on the phone.

Emily being goofy.

Emily being cute.

Here are some photos of the wedding of Matthew Nicholls and Sarah Jordan.
Saturday April 5, 2003

From the rehearsal dinner: Sarah, Matt, Mom, Dad

Emily and Lauren (before)

Emily (sitting on the Mother of the Bride) and Lauren (during)

Dad, Sarah, Matt, Mom

Dad and Matt

Matt and Eric (the Best Man)

Lauren being pensive (or just plain bored) at the reception.