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No longer available as I'm too busy with regular work

Diagnostic 1-3 hr Get to the bottom of your specific problem - hardware or software
Tune up 1-3 hr I'll remove any unneeded startup items and unnecessary programs, apply performance modifications/tweaks, O/S updates and patches, and program updates. Inside the case, I'll check cables and fans and remove any dust bunnies. Optionally, I'll scan for viruses
Virus/Worm/Trojan/Malware Removal 1-3 hr Scan and remove unwanted pests.
Hardware Installation/replacement .5-1 hr Covers components such as RAM, video cards, network cards, hard drives, optical drives, MP3 players, printers, and scanners. Configuration of drivers and software.
Motherboard Replacement 1-2 hr Due to the nature of XP and Vista, motherboard replacement usually requires a reinstallation of the O/S and drivers. (see below)
O/S Installation/upgrade 2-4 hr Installation of O/S(Windows or Linux), Drivers, and security patches.
Software Installation
(3 non-O/S)
1-2 hr Installation of up to three programs with updates. Ask me about the "Secure Internet" package (Firefox, Zone Alarm, AVG)
Network Setup 1-3 hr Wired or wireless. I'll get your modem talking to your router and your router talking to two computers. I'll configure and secure your router and set up encryption(WPA) for your wireless network. Optionally you can add more devices (printers, laptops, TiVO).
Network problem 1-2 hr -
Data Migration - -
Data Backup 1-2 hr One time backup of your data to CD, DVD, internal or external storage. No data limit.
Data Recovery 1-4 hr Data recovery can be complicated and pricing depends on the difficulty or severity of the problem. If your hard drive hasn't failed completely then there is a good chance I can recover your data. Due to the time consuming nature of this service, in-home availability is limited.
And a full report of any/all changes made to your system if you desire.

Other Services
Scanning of Negatives/
- Prices vary depending on source, level of detail, and touch-up.
Web sites - Prices vary depending on number of pages and features.

* Prices and services not applicable to Macs. Software service for Linux is limited.