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Historical Research

From 2012 to mid-2018 I served as the IT Director/Chairman, webmaster, and digital archivist for the Gwinnett Historical Society. I enjoyed my work and met a lot of great people. Leaving was my decision but not my choice - sometimes you just have to get away from stupid people before you are forced to kill them and dump their bodies in the north Georgia mountains.

I did a lot of valuable work for GHS and since I don't know how long the website I built will last under the current administrators, I've decided to include my work here so that it will be preserved and accessible along with any new research I do.

Update: As of 4/2023 they now have a new website and it is a joke. A sad joke at that.

Information about the headrights of Franklin, Jackson, Gwinnett, Hall, and Walton counties

Maps I've come across in my research. I haven't decided how extensive this offering will be.

Land Lottery
Land Lottery winners from Gwinnett 1821, 1827, 1832 (both Gold & Land) along with fractionals from 1833.

Tax Digests: Gwinnett 1860, 1861, 1864, 1866
Tax digests I've transcribed from Gwinnett county to supplement the missing land records destroyed in the fire.

A near-complete listing of the men from Gwinnett (and surrounding areas) who served in the military and militia including biographical information.

Articles I wrote on Gwinnett history for The Heritage including a series following Gwinnett's soldiers in quarterly installments during the sesquicentennial along with the war at home.

Scanning Photos tutorial
How to scan your prints, negatives, and slides to get the best result for both printing and archiving.