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Hello and welcome to my redesigned genealogy section. Here I have posted my pedigree chart, family photos, and some useful genealogy research links. You can also download and try out the genealogy program I wrote and use - GenProg 2.0 . My current project is to serve up my data dynamically (with ASP) much like how Rootsweb works. This will allow me to keep the layout standard and the data current.

Email me with questions or information.

• Pedigree Chart  Pedigree chart
 Here is my Pedigree (arf!) It's about 130k. (and long overdue for updating)
     •If it doesn't say otherwise, assume all locations to be in Georgia.
     •Information in UPPER case is pretty certain - lower case is a likely/educated guess.

• Dynamic Site
     This link will take you to the new dynamic section. It works much like Rootsweb's World Connect.

• Family Photos
     I'm in the process now of rescanning these and moving them to the Gallery section.
     •Thumbnail index page of some family photos. They are circa 1895-1925 Forsyth county Ga.
     •Thumbnail page of a random assortment of old family photos (many on postcards)
     •Thumbnail photos (newer)

• GenProg 2.0
     My genealogy program. Take a look here

• Other Resources: These all open in new tabs/windows.
     Genforum [redirects to]
     Rootsweb World Connect
     Gwinnett Historical Society
     Dekalb History Center
     More Gwinnett information
     Georgia GenWeb [now]
     Forsyth County
     Dekalb County
     Hall County
     Jackson County
     Madison County

     All things Sorrells [Site down with the passing of Thelma Faye Cain Prince]
     All things Poythress
     All things Blount
     All things Yanc(e)y
     All things Ware

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