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CraigsList Scams

Written in 2012 - I don't know if they still apply or how prevalent they now are. Two examples of the "form letter" format of the scams I am offered a chance to participate in. And, yes, English IS a second language to these scammers.

1) The Laptop Scam
The way this one works is that they get a quote from you and then offer to send you a certified check to cover shipping both ways through their "shipping agent" plus your estimate. The "certified"/company check is no good and by the time your bank knows this and notifies you, the money is gone and you are on the hook to cover it because you've sent the money to the agent to ship the nonexistant computers. The number always seem to be between five and ten computers. Text in [brackets] are the blanks filled in for this particular attempt. Anyone who repairs computers should easily spot the problems with their request - and how he gets online when phone service is spotty-to-nonexistant is a mystery.

Here they are:

[from a Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail/AOL account]

   Thanks for the swift response, Here are some few details you need for the job, We supplied [some number] of dell laptops to the mission training home, after some couple of months we got an information that [a number between five and ten] of the systems malfunctioned and results into crashing, first we made inquiries about how they all malfunctioned and we found out that Below are the things needed to be done on the laptops;

(1.) Format Hard Drive
(2.) Install Win Xp or Vista with Service Pack 2 or 3
(3.) Microsoft Office Package
(4.) Recent Anti Virus Software with (Free Lifetime Updates)
(5.) Adobe Acrobat
(6.) Diagnostics of the entire system after to check hard drive, CD & DVD ROM, floppy Disk.

   Get back to me with your total cost for the services of [some number] units ( Labour Only). We would Include all the necessary software's and licenses (Original) needed for the service installations and would be paying you with a Certified Company Check, and I want you to know that the Laptops will all be shipped to your location by our shipping agents, we will give you a totality of one week to finish up with the repairs after which it will also be picked up by the shippers. This is a Contract Job which might lead to a full time position with the company after you have successfully completed the first task within the specified time. Kindly send me the following information's to have the payment mailed out to you;

Full Name:
Physical Address:
Zip code:
Cell phone #:

   I am currently in [some foreign country] and the phone service is lost due to the recent disaster, I'm online most of the time as I am [optionally: hard of hearing] so I prefer we contact each other through E-mails, but if there is need for me to call, I will be glad to do that by using a hearing device. I await your urgent response so we can make moving arrangements and delivery of payment as soon as possible.
Very Respectfully,
[Some random name]

2) The Administrative Assistant Scam
With this one, you are contacted in response to your application for an administrative/personal assistant position. You will be told how successful the business owner is and how he is out of the country and can't meet with you but would like to test you by sending you a check to cover donations to a local charity

[from a Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail/AOL account]
Dear Applicant,
   I received your resume in response to the ad on Craigslist for a Personal Assistant, I will deeply appreciate all genuine efforts to help me monitor and keep up to date with all my activities.I have had a previous PA who has been very commendable in her activities and who has been part of my life for the past 6 months,she has since returned to her country. I sincerely hope I will be able to find someone again who will be as efficient,honest and reliable as she has been. I'm [random name - NOT necesarily the same as email account],[age], originally from [some country], but I have spent a whole lot here in United States.I'm a [some business].I run [list of several successful businesses].I most very often get my hands occupied, so it is imperative for me to have so it is imperative for me to have a worthy assistant who can monitor and keep me up to date with my activities.

As my assistant, your activities amongst other things will include:

* Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring.
* Scheduling programmes, flights and keeping me up to date with them.
* Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence when I'm away.
* Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf.
* Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities.
* Per Errand's/Assignment commission is $500
* Monthly Salary is $1800.00


*Yearly performance bonus
*Paid vacation/sick/personal days
*Medical benefits

This position is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them,my only fear is I may come at you sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings.There is also a very sensitive issue on trust and accountability which I believe will resolve itself as time goes on.. This is only an introductory e-mail, as time goes on we should be able to arrange a proper meeting to get things started officially. I'm currently in the [some country] now for [some reason], however, I do have a number of things you could help me with this week if you will be available for me. I am also glad on the commitment in working. I have been checking my files and what i would want you to do for me next week is to run some errands out to some of the orphanage home which I do every month. The funds will be in form of Cashier check, it will be sent over to you from one of my clients and i have some list to email you once you received the funds. You will make some arrangements by buying some stuff for the kids in the nearest store around you so you can mail them out. I will get you more information on that. This can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship. For my Official Perusal and the commencement of your assignments,i will need you to provide me the following details accordingly.

*Full Name:
*Address No P.O.Box)
*Zip code:
*Phone: Home and cell:
*Present occupation:
*Number of available reference:

Once i have all your above requested information's,i will get back to you with your assignments.

[random name - NOT necessarily the same as above]