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GenProg 2.0
version 2.0 [alpha build 70]
© 1993 - 2021 Jim Nicholls.

Welcome. So you want to know a little bit more about GenProg? GenProg version 2 is back in development. It tends to go in fits and starts and it's been slow going but I hope to release beta 1 sometime in 2011. My genealogy time is divided between research, program development, and archiving. As of November 17, 2008, I now have a flatbed scanner and am archiving all of the family slides, negatives, and photos. The results can be seen in my photo gallery but this will take some time.

UPDATE - Well obviously the beta is on hold. My duties as webmaster at the Gwinnett Historical Society and the series of articles I'm writing for the newsletter along with archiving projects have taken over my time. Development is on indefinite hold.

UPDATE 2018 - Done with GHS. Long story. I have free time again.

This piece of software got its start as a FoxPro 2.0 for DOS program back in 1993. In 1999, it got a full makeover with enhancements in Visual FoxPro. It was designed primarily to print reports that could be put into a data binder that I could take into the Georgia Archives or into the field conveniently.

The Future: (Currently in the works or planned)
• Descendant charts
• An HTML (static) formatting option for reports (generate documents for the web!)
• GEDCOM & PAF compliance
• Ability to handle multiple data sets
• Import/Export data in both GEDCOM and GenProg formats
• Source citation system
• Toolbars

This program is NOT GEDCOM compliant. Genprog started out as a program to track ancestors and print reports for a single user before the GEDCOM standard (or the web) was devised. However, since I don't expect the genealogy world to accept MY standard anytime soon, GEDCOM import/export is in the works. Beyond that, the current alpha release is missing some features and waiting for others to be determined.

Glassy Aero effect doesn't always work. (Win7)
There are some problems with printing particularly over a network.
The help system is an absolute mess and a holdover from version 1.
The backup system doesn't work under Linux/Wine.

Progress Report for 2.0:
GenProg 2.0 should be ready for beta around build 125 or so. Currently, I'm working on code to merge two individual records into one and designing a Source citation system. These might release as builds 71 or 72 at the earliest.

Update - March 2021 (2.0): It's been a productive month. Alpha build is also ready.
Update - March 2021: Yes, alpha is done. Linux support is on indefinite hold until I reinstall it on one of my computers.
Update - November 2010: Mostly on hiatus - build 66 might release in November.
Update - November 2008: On hiatus.
Update - August 2007: The first alpha version (2.00.52) is released.

GenProg 2.00 alpha 70 23 Apr 2021 Alpha
Final code tweaks for Full Search
Open windows remember their placement (but only open ones ... for now)
Updated the Help system a bit and repositioned some forms
GenProg 2.00 alpha 69 17 Apr 2021 Alpha
"Extended" Pedigree Chart includes an extra generation
Web browser navigation and toolbars added to the Extended Pedigree chart
Fixed and removed some icons
GenProg 2.00 alpha 68 6 Apr 2021 Alpha Made improvements to the Full Search form
GenProg 2.00 alpha 67 29 Mar 2021 Alpha Added some "developer tools" - Be careful with these.
Web browser navigation (Back and Forward buttons)
Connect Child to existing pre-parents works - with two exceptions
Added/changed some icons
GenProg 2.00 alpha 66 6 Mar 2021

2014?December 2018
Alpha Updates the 2018 release. Contains some bug fixes and corrects the "save pending changes" issue of the edit form.

Tweaks to the Pedigree Chart generator
Font fix for tabs on Linux which WINE 1.2 broke
Fixed scientific notation bug with large ahnentafel numbers
Fixed marriage notes navigation bug
Added full-title field (separate from last name)
Tweaks to descendent tree
DNA match checkbox
Notable/historical person checkbox
Veteran checkbox
Verification status(i.e. verified or just a possible match - will the DAR accept as proof)
New installer (required due to table changes)
This release will likely drop support for anything prior to Windows XP (e.g. 98/SE, 2000, and Millennium).
GenProg 2.00 alpha 65 24 May 2011 Improvements and additions to the Pedigree Chart generator
GenProg 2.00 alpha 64 4 May 2011 Back Up and Restore utilities added
GenProg 2.00 alpha 63 18 Nov 2010 Fix for navigation bug on children tab
Add Parents from Menu
Cleaned up and streamlined code for editing
GenProg 2.00 alpha 62 3 Nov 2010 Dropdown button navigation added to Main and Pedigree pages
GenProg 2.00 alpha 61 1 Nov 2010 Pedigree page fixes and navigation improved
Linux crash(80000100 error) workaround
Mouseover "white" button bug fixed
GenProg 2.00 alpha 60 12 July 2010 Compatability update - primarily to improve the Linux version
More icons and mouseover effects
General file cleanup.
GenProg 2.00 alpha 59 6 June 2010 Fixed the installer
Small changes to the program
Compiled under VFP9 for a more modern look
Dropped support for Win95 and NT4
GenProg 2.00 alpha 58 11/16/2008 Hosting and hyperlinks moved to new website
Fixed "sex change" bug
Update checker added
Fixed navigation bug on main page
GenProg 2.00 alpha 57 2/24/2008 Hyperlinks are completely fixed
New icons
GenProg 2.00 alpha 55 End of 2007 Dynamic(ASP) page pack released.
More reports
GenProg 2.00 alpha build 52 June 2006
Aug 2007
First public release of version 2.
Major changes to data tables.
Changes to several of the forms.
GenProg 1.16 --- More User Preferences.
Outline report now prints cousins.
Fixed a truncated number glitch in the PageView report.
GenProg 1.15 02/12/2002 Improved User Preferences.
Ability to turn off update confirmations.
Expanded numbers(ahnentafel) to 1 billion.
Ability to edit from TreeView.
Fixed bug where screens flash before program loads.
GenProg 1.14 01/01/2002 User Preferences.
Resizable Windows.
No excuse for the amount of time between updates.
GenProg 1.13 4/14/2001 Fixed 'Cousin deletion' code.
Fixed 'Too many cousins' glitch.
Backup utility added.
Rewrote the 'Help' system.
Added ability to reorder children.
GenProg 1.12 2/12/2001 Patched some potential problems.
TreeView now prints.
GenProg 1.11 beta 3 11/1/2000 Pedigree page now prints.
Clean up utility works.
Changes are checked for and a light comes on to remind you to save.
Plus other tweaks to the code.
GenProg 1.11 beta 2 9/2/2000 Minor enhancements.
GenProg 1.11 beta 1 8/25/2000 Adds Pedigree-Page View.
Fixes the 'splash page' bug
and some other minor issues.
GenProg 1.10 beta 2 7/25/2000 Adds Tree View
GenProg 1.10 beta 1 5/25/2000  
GenProg 1.0.1 12/25/1999  

That's it.
Use and enjoy.
And PLEASE give me feedback. Thanks.