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GenProg 2.0
version 2.0 [alpha build 66]
© 1993 - 2018 Jim Nicholls.

Download Versions:
There are four different download versions.

1) Full Installation                                 Download GenProg 2.0 Installer (8.3MB)
If you've never installed GenProg then download this file and run it. This will install the necessary VFP runtime files, program, and data files.

2) Update                                           Download (---kB)
If you already have GenProg and want to update to the latest version then download this file, and unzip it to
'C:\Program Files\Panther Software\GenProg2' (XP) to overwrite the previous version.

3) The Alpha/Beta                                  Download Alpha (211kB)
If you already have GenProg and want to try the latest changes then download this file, and unzip it to
'C:\Program Files\Panther Software\GenProg2\' (XP)
'C:\Program Files(x86)\Panther Software\GenProg2\' (Win 7)
to overwrite the previous version.

4) Linux
Linux+Wine users no longer need the separate patch file. However you may experience an "80000100" crash error on program start. If this occurs, you will need to install Winetricks and run "sh winetricks gdiplus" from a terminal. If this doesn't work, delete or rename the files: "PedigreeBg.jpg" and "Splash.jpg" in the data directory (C:\Windows\profiles\[User]\Panther Software\GenProg2). GenProg has been tested and works under Wine 1.0.1 on Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10. Installing the XP theme file in Wine is recommended.

• The Web Pack                                 Download GenProgWebPack(200801) (29kB)
Once you have GenProg installed and running, if you want to serve up your data dynamically like I do, here are the files you'll need. Zipped up in the kit are Active Server Pages, icons, and instructions. I've included a basic help file to get you started. Some knowledge of FTP and directory structures will be helpful. You will also need an ISP/Hosting company that supports ASP with FoxPro ODBC drivers and offers Windows hosting.